Patricks Gym Amsterdam

Whether you want to work on your fitness or self-confidence, want to lose weight, need help with rehabilitation or want to learn Thai boxing, Patricks Gym is the right place for you. We are not a ‘thirteen in a dozen gym’ where a new hip program is launched every few months. We look at what you need and can handle in order to achieve a balanced training, so that you get guaranteed results.

At Patricks Gym we train in small groups or one-on-one, so that there is a lot of personal attention for you. Our certified (martial arts) trainers guide you intensively and ensure that you achieve your goals in the short and long term. We strive for a real behavioral change, so that you also feel fit in the future, maintain your weight and are mentally strong.


Patricks Gym
Marius Bauerstraat 28
1062 AR Amsterdam