Latin Soul Dance 's-Gravenhage

Latin Soul Dance is the best dance workout studio in The Hague, where you will get different dance classes and activities.

You can practice Zumba, Salsafit, Reggaetonfit and many other dances.

I invite you to come and shake your body to the upbeat music with me.

I invite you to visit my dance floor for a warm welcome and for a place where you will feel at home!

What could be more generous than getting collectively present under one roof with the sole intention of dancing with all your heart, head, and soul?

This unique dance studio allows you to dance with your special ones.
Come along with your family, friends, and colleagues; you will be amazed to see how dance can bring you closer and give you a memory worth recalling and reliving.
My mission is to help you get in touch with the happy, healthy, and gorgeously radiating you with the help of my filled-the-good vibes dance studio.
Furthermore, I would love to share the spicy Latin flavor that will bring you a warm feeling on the coldest days in the Dutch winter!
Latin Soul Dance


Latin Soul Dance
Waldeck Pyrmontkade 115
2518 JR 's-Gravenhage